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It you wish to submit a Good Practice Recipe please read the criteria and guidance PDF below before completing the template. Each new Good Practice Recipe will be subject to an editorial process (see PDF download) prior to being added to the website. It is important therefore that you leave clear contact details.

In order to be published, a Good Practice Recipe will need to satisfy the criteria below and reflect the guidance in the PDF below.

Once your Recipe has been placed on the website there is an expectation that interested parties may wish to contact you to learn more. Please bear this in mind when you are submitting a Good practice Recipe.



In determining whether the good practices identified can be made available on the 'Good KE Practices' online resource the Steering Group will seek to ensure that they are:

  1. transferable - with descriptions that are neutral, objective and 'user-friendly', and enable others to consider the feasibility of implementation in different environments
  2. repeatable - do not lose value or viability by repeated application in different HEIs
  3. clear and concise - lucid and brief with clearly articulated purpose
  4. freely accessible - core elements currently in operation and without restrictions on wider dissemination
  5. evidence based - objectively verifiable and of proven effectiveness
  6. sustainable - value/relevance is not time-limited or inherently dependent on dedicated resources

Download the Guidance PDF (PDF document, 1.2 Megabyte file)Download the Guidance PDF (PDF, 1.2Mb)

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The Good Practice Model Editorial Process and Worked Example documents are available on the Downloads page.