Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers

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Sub-stream: Cultural enrichment and engagement

Related public funding scheme:

Knowledge Transfer Partnership



Royal College of Music

Business & Community Services Unit; Centre for Performance History; RCM Library; academic musicology


Business; private sector; cultural; local and international; large company


The project aimed to rationalise, conserve, relocate and improve the operational integration and commercial opportunities of the Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers archives.


Identifying items in collection and assessing physical extent, condition, organisation and musicological significance; preparation of a prioritised conservation plan for items of musicological and historical significance; design and establishment of an archive system; cataloguing of items; preparation for move to new premises; training of staff in use and continuation of new archiving system.


Members of RCM academic staff were involved in all stages of this process, which involved collaborations with the company’s international offices, including in Berlin and New York.

Critical success factors:

Establishment of a properly managed archive; improved staff efficiency in referring to items during day-to-day work; financial benefit from revaluation of assets and the development of new IPR; collaboration with other types of organisation; additions to RCM archive items; appropriate use of institutional facilities.

Outcomes: key concrete benefits for external beneficiaries:

Boosey & Hawkes has benefited from significant rationalisation of the archive, resulting in financial savings; the company’s international offices have benefited from advice and practical help given by the project team based in London; the wider public has benefited culturally from access to archive items that had previously been unavailable.

Outcomes: key benefits for HEI:

Acquisition of new musicological resources for staff/student/public use; creation of research material that can be used in RAE assessable publication; income generation.

Key lessons learnt:



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