Good practices

The 'Good Practice' recipes on this web site are designed as practical, generic, transferable approaches on 'how to do things' in the world of knowledge exchange and transfer.

They have been categorised into a number of streams and sub-streams, which describe the operational management of the knowledge transfer and exchange function.

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Look for Good Practice recipes on the website using advanced search features. You can use keyword or dates to search within streams or the whole site.

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Feeds offer an easy way to keep upto date with KE Good Practice recipes. The RSS feed will automatically update as new recipes are added.

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Good Practices are designed to be:

  • transferable - with descriptions that are objective and 'user-friendly', and enable others to consider the feasibility of implementation in different environments
  • repeatable - do not lose value or viability by repeated application in different HEIs
  • clear and concise - lucid and brief with clearly articulated purpose
  • freely accessible - currently in operation and without restrictions on wider dissemination
  • evidence based - objectively verifiable and of proven effectiveness
  • sustainable - not time-limited or inherently dependent on dedicated resources


The Good Practice Model Editorial Process and Worked Example documents are available on the Downloads page.

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