The purpose of this website is to provide a dynamic resource for all those involved in HE knowledge transfer and exchange to share and advance good practice, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and impact of HE Knowledge Transfer and Exchange activity.

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Submit a good practice recipe

Submit a good practice recipe

Submit your proven and transferable good practice in Knowledge Transfer and Exchange.

Submit a case study

Submit a case study

Submit a Case Study to illustrate one of the Good Practice Recipes on this website.

The site enables the sharing of good practice 'recipes': generic, transferable models of 'how to do things' in the different operational management areas of the developing knowledge transfer function.

The aim is not simply to disseminate good news stories, though the case studies which you can also find here do illustrate aspects of good practice, putting them in context and sharing the lessons learnt from the experience. The aim is to encourage productive collaboration in sharing good practice and advancing knowledge transfer and exchange across the HE sector.

The site is funded through the Good Practice (GP) Development Programme, supported by HEFCE and the Office of Science and Innovation (OSI), However, the site is primarily for and by KT practitioners and though facilitated by HEFCE, the content is 'owned' by the HE sector.

The GP Programme is directed by a National Steering Group, chaired by HEFCE, representing the HE sector and key stakeholders. Steering group members in turn facilitate six Working Groups looking at six different areas Knowledge Transfer and Exchange practice:

  • Strategic Direction and Preparation for Change
  • Organisational Change
  • Internal Standards and Procedures
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships (non-HEI)
  • Results and Evaluation

The scope of the good practices (mainly in the form of 'good practice recipes') and case studies on the website relates to the full spectrum of knowledge transfer and exchange activities but for the most part these good practices focus on the operational management areas of the developing knowledge transfer function. We have therefore (also because these are provided elsewhere) largely excluded:

  • CPD type career training for knowledge transfer professionals (provided by AURIL, Praxis and others)
  • University company management and formation (provided by UNICO and others)
  • IP Management and exploitation (provided from a range of sources)

Please search the site and join in by commenting on the good practices recipes that are available on the site or by submitting a good practice (please see guidance and criteria for submission)!

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