Communities of practice

Communities of Practice are groups of practitioners united in the shared objective to exchange experience and learning, advancing their proficiency in their particular area of shared interest, through regular interaction.

One of the core objectives of the Good Practice programme is to facilitate the development and creation, where appropriate, of a number of effective cross-sector communities of practice (CoPs). By doing so we hope to enrich and advance knowledge transfer and exchange.

Two principles shape the development of Communities of Practice in this context:

  • collaborative learning, exchange and improvement is intrinsic to knowledge transfer
  • learning and practice development across boundaries (regional, institutional etc) is essential for effective knowledge transfer and exchange and partnership building.

The CoPs advanced through the GP programme generally relate either to the streams or the sub-streams of the Knowledge Exchange Process Framework, for example the Community Engagement CoP, and generally have their own virtual forum for exchange/development.

CoP links:

This site is for and by the wider HE knowledge transfer and exchange community of practice; we therefore hope it will function as a key interchange and meeting point for exchanging learning and advancing practice in Knowledge Transfer and Exchange in the UK.

We currently have the following communities. If you want to know more about our Communities of Practice or join in, get in touch with the coordinator:

Strategic Direction and Preparation for change Mark Allanson, University of Bolton
Organisational Change Catherine Alexander, University of Birmingham
Internal Standards and Change Martin Davies, University of East London
Marketing Neil Bradshaw, University of Bristol
Partnerships Seymour Roworth-Stokes, University College for the Creative Arts
Social and Community Engagement David Wolff, University of Brighton
RDAs Cathy Garner, Manchester: Knowledge Capital
Sector Networks Stephen Whaley, Westminster West Focus
Intermediaries and SME's Peter Russell, Rytork Ltd.
KTP's Kate Darby, University of Reading
Regional University Networks Richard Riley, University of Central England
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