The primary audience for this website is Knowledge Exchange and Transfer practitioners but the site is also intended to be informative for partners and stakeholders involved in knowledge transfer as well as clients and end users.

The good practice material on the website is not intended to duplicate that available elsewhere. While the Good Practice Process Framework provides a holistic, but not exhaustive Knowledge Transfer operational management structure, the Good Practice programme work focussed on practice areas most in need of improvement or gaps which were not covered elsewhere.

We hope that this part of the web-site will provide useful additional resources for Knowledge Transfer practitioners and all those involved in HE knowledge transfer and exchange.

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Please feel free to contribute to our discussion forum, either with a question of your own or maybe you have the answer to someone else's query.

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Links to UK and International organisations in the world of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange.



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Case studies

Case studies

Library of Illustrative Case Studies to support the Good Practice Recipes.

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